Removing warts - which method should be chosen and how dangerous it is?

Warts are benign neoplasms that appear on the skin, more rarely on the mucous membranes due to infection in the body with human papillomavirus.

Infection with this group virus occurs through contact with infected people or household items. More often than not, warts are a cosmetic defect.In rare cases, it can cause inflammation or other unpleasant complications.

For people who have an unpleasant defect in themselves, the real question is whether it is necessary to remove warts, as well as how to do it quickly and painlessly.The need to get rid of the concentration is strictly determined by the specialist as part of a professional examination.As for the removal method, today there are many available and effective methods to get rid of neoplasms in one session.

Laser Removal

Laser wart removal

Today, the most effective, quick and painless way is to remove warts with a laser.The main advantages of this method are the speed of the procedure and the ability to remove even several or several neoplasms at the same time.Especially this method to get rid of warts is chosen for the treatment of young children and pregnant women.

Sessions require some time, after which the patient does not have to stay in the hospital. However, before burning warts this way, you must see a doctor. Also, the specialist will determine the optimal type of procedure.

There are only three options:

  • Laser CO2. This indicates the effect of infrared radiation on the warts, which literally evaporate fluid from the growth tissue. This removal option is the most traumatic.
  • Nadi. It has a damaging effect on the neoplasm capillaries.
  • Erbium. This also involves the removal of accumulated tissue using infrared radiation.

Topical anesthetics are needed to remove the large and deep growths found in plantar growth.

How the procedure is performed

The algorithm for burning laser warts is quite simple.After the patient undergoes a mandatory examination by the attending physician and the appointment of the session, the specialist performs the following actions, his main task is to get rid of warts:

  • A large number of patients are interested in the question of whether it is painful to remove warts with a laser. In some cases, this procedure can really give a very unpleasant sensation, before the session, it is necessary to use a local anesthetic.
  • Further, light rays are directed towards growth, which, by the effect of heat on the warts, literally burns them.Healthy tissue is not affected, as laser therapy is characterized by increased accuracy.

One of the undeniable advantages of the procedure is complete tissue healing, excluding the appearance of scars.

Instructions and contraindications

The use of laser therapy is the best option to get rid of all types of warts. However, there are certain cases when doctors may recommend using different methods.As a rule, growth that tends to malignant transformation is one of the exceptions.In such a situation, removal implies the implementation of subsequent tissue histological examination, which is not possible with laser therapy.

Children and pregnancy are also not contraindicated in the removal of neoplasms using laser radiation.Warts before and after removalHowever, the need for procedures when warts are detected in a woman during pregnancy is determined by the doctor individually.

As a result

Recommendations for skin care after growth removal are more than simple: you should exclude any effects on the crust formed after the session. It is not recommended to treat warts with something after cauterization, using caring cosmetics or other means. After complete tissue recovery, the crust will disappear on its own.

Cost of procedure

So, how much does it cost to get rid of warts with a laser? Prices for laser wart removal can vary significantly. Factors such as size, number of lesions, and localization area determine aspects.For example, throwing a small pile that does not exceed one millimeter in diameter is relatively inexpensive. The cost of a session to remove deep warts can be greater.

Other ways

As mentioned above, laser therapy is the most effective and gentle method to get rid of skin lesions. However, there are other methods to get rid of warts that are relatively less popular.The selection of the optimal variant in a particular clinical case is performed by a specialistWart formation with liquid nitrogenafter patient examination and diagnostic procedures.

Cryodestruction Generation

The easiest way to get rid of growth is to burn warts with liquid nitrogen or cryosurgery. This method is great for getting rid of hanging roots without roots and allows you to remove those growths in one session. However, to get rid of large warts may require two or more treatments.Also, treatment in such cases is quite painful.It should also be noted that cauterization with nitrogen carries the risk of affecting healthy tissues, which can lead to scarring and scarring.

Radio waves

Getting rid of warts with the radio wave method is one of the most effective procedures that is highly demanded now.The disadvantage of this method is greater than the high cost.This procedure allows you to get rid of large growths, as well as formation groups in one session.

The principle of radio wave therapy is the use of a special device called a radio knife, which converts an electric current into a radio wave that directly affects the affected tissue.The main advantage of this technique is the absence of the risk of damaging healthy tissue.In addition, after the procedure, there are no scars or scars on the skin.

Although there are safety and security effects of radio waves, this method is not recommended for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus.

In addition, it is not recommended to remove skin lesions in women during pregnancy.


Electrocoagulation of warts involves the exposure of growth to alternating and continuous electric currents, which can literally correct existing neoplasms. The procedure is quite painful, and therefore the session requires the use of anesthetic drugs.

Disadvantages of this method include the inability to take tissue samples for histological examination.In addition, small scars may remain on the skin after the procedure.Wart surgerySkin care after treatment is optional.

Surgical surgery

Surgical removal of warts is only used when other methods are ineffective, for example, if the growth has deep roots.In addition, this method is used if necessary to harvest tissue growth for subsequent histological examination.The essence of this method is more than simple: stacking is done with a scalpel, after which a bandage is applied to the affected area. After the procedure, scars appear on the skin.


To get rid of small warts, it is very possible to use the tools that are often found in every home medicine cabinet. However, to avoid damage to healthy tissue, you should still perform such a procedure in a medical institution.

There are many medications that can help get rid of neoplasms in moderation. For example, you can choose salicylic acid, which gradually breaks down the accumulation.

This substance is the main component of many medicines. To get rid of warts, apply the selected product to its surface at least three times a day.

Keep in mind that the right treatment options for warts can only be under expert guidance.Independence in this case can lead to very negative consequences.It is very important to see a doctor if the existing neoplasm is growing rapidly or there is an increase in its number. This aspect may indicate the nature of malignant skin growth.