How to treat papilloma on the penis: the best way

papilloma on the penis in men

Papillomas on the penis are a cause of serious concern in many men of reproductive age. Such a formation is not only unesthetic, but also potentially harmful to health. And although the structure itself is benign, the complications of the disease are fraught with consequences to the development of cancer. Therefore, it is very important for men to know from where the growth can appear, what are the initial symptoms of pathology, how to treat papilloma on the penis. Early diagnosis and selection of the best treatment method will minimize the risk of complications and prevent the spread of the disease among relatives of the patient.

Causes of the appearance of papillomas on the penis

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Genital growth only appears when the following factors are combined:

  1. The man is infected with the papilloma virus (on the penis after being infected, for a long time, the formation may not appear until the second factor takes effect).
  2. The weakened immune system of the organism no longer contains pathogens. The virus, when activated, begins to damage the process of cell division, which in turn leads to the formation of papillomas on the penis.

Infection occurs primarily through sexual intercourse, but cases of viral transmission in everyday life are not isolated. Warm and humid rooms are a good environment for microorganisms, so public baths, saunas, gyms and locker rooms are possible places of infection. The vertical path of infection is also distinguished, when a son is infected from his mother at birth. Cases of intrauterine infection in children were not recorded.

As already mentioned, the presence of the virus in the body does not cause papillomas on the penis; treatment in this case will be aimed at supporting the patient's protective function. But as soon as the body stops withstanding the pathology, unpleasant growths will begin to appear on the genitals.

The human protection function fails when:

  • chronic disease;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • long -term antibiotic treatment;
  • body intoxication with alcohol or other substances;
  • constant stress and overwork.
Important! Barrier contraceptives do not guarantee complete protection against human papillomavirus infection. First, pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate even through the pores of synthetic materials. Second, infection can occur through areas of skin that are not covered with contraceptives, and a person, who is unaware of the disease, will become a carrier of the infection.

What is a papilloma on the penis like?

like what a papilloma on the penis

It is possible to detect the virus in its incubation period only with the help of special tests. But as soon as the disease enters the active phase, the first indirect signs will appear, and then changes will be visible on the skin of the reproductive organs.

The first symptoms of papilloma virus on the penis are:

  • phimosis and excessive secretions in the folds of the foreskin of the penis;
  • inflammation of the tissues of the penis;
  • erosion of head tissue.

Over time, patients will independently notice non -specific growths on the genitals. The appearance of the formation depends on the strain of the virus and the localization of the papilloma on the penis:

  • on the foreskin- small structure size on the legs, the color does not differ from the color of the skin;
  • near the bridle- small nipple-like growths, can sometimes resemble whitish pimples;
  • in the head- the growth of a sharp pink hue;
  • on the penis- Bushke-Levinstein warts can form.
Important! The first health problem should be a reason to see a doctor immediately. Single growths grow over time and form large clusters, completely or partially interfering with organ function. Benign lesions can also be violent.

Characteristics of the diagnosis of papilloma on the penis

diagnosis of HPV in the body

Before seeking information on how to treat papilloma on the penis, it is necessary to accurately diagnose the disease, because the structure in the intimate area can be caused by various types of viruses. If you find symptoms of the disease or after unprotected sex, when there is a suspicion of infection, you should contact a urologist or dermatovenerologist. The doctor will perform a visual examination to identify growths, and also prescribe tests to determine the type of virus.

For detailed diagnostics, it is necessary to pass:

  • general blood analysis;
  • PCR test;
  • cytology of urinary tract secretions;
  • tissue formation biopsy (mandatory if oncotransformation is suspected).

In some cases, additional consultation of an immunologist, endocrinologist, and oncologist may be required. Only based on the results of a thorough diagnosis, the best method will be made on how to get rid of papilloma on the penis.

Important! Testing for the presence of HPV should be performed on men at risk (often changing sexual partners, with chronic disease, when another genital hernia is diagnosed). Early detection of the virus will prevent papillomas on the penis.

The best method to treat papilloma on the penis

Treatment of papilloma on the penis must be carried out without fail. Ignoring the problem is the cause of inflammatory processes in the intimate area, pain during intercourse, and over time and with any movement - bleeding, degeneration becomes oncostructural. It should be understood that the papilloma virus cannot be completely removed from the body. However, choosing the best treatment method will allow you to forget about the problem for a long time. Modern medicine has many weapons to get rid of papillomas on the penis. On the recommendation of a physician, antiviral drug therapy is prescribed, as well as formation -destroying agents. You can use hardware methods to get rid of neoplasms. Some people prefer to use alternative medicine recipes. But before using such a formulation, it is better to consult a doctor.

Treatment of papilloma on the penis with medication

drug treatment of papilloma on the penis

Removing a papilloma on the penis will relieve the discomfort, but such an action will not be able to prevent the appearance of new formations. To localize the virus, it is necessary to take a set of medications prescribed by a doctor. As a rule, the following are given:

  • Oral antivirus. . .
  • Immunostimulants and immunomodulators. . .

Today, it is also possible to get rid of papillomas on the penis with the help of drug formulations. Such drugs have a local effect on tissues.

Drug therapy requires several weeks (up to 3), provided the patient strictly adheres to medical instructions. The treatment regimen is prescribed by the doctor individually in each case.

Removal of papillomas on the penis

hardware removes papillomas on the penis

The question of how to remove a papilloma on the penis remains relevant, although there are possible drug treatments. And if the oral administration of antivirals and immunomodulators prevents the development of new formations, and chemical exposure can suppress a single growth, then large formations or groups thereof must be removed by radical methods:

  • Radio wave surgery. . . Today it is considered an advanced technology in combating unwanted structures. Removal of papillomas on the penis is quick, accurate, almost painless. The number of sessions is determined by the doctor.
  • Laser therapy. . . It allows you to get rid of papillomas on the penis using high -temperature directed rays, a small crust remains at the site of growth, which will disappear over time. The cost of the procedure is quite high, but at the same time practically painless, even taking into account the location of the relatively sensitive formation.
  • Cryodestruction. . . It is used to remove large formations; after destruction, a dense crust remains, which disappears after a few weeks.
  • Electrocoagulation. . . This method can not be called the best because of its pain, but at the same time it allows you to get rid of papillomas on the penis with minimal possibility of recurrence, while this procedure is available to everyone, low cost per session.

Classical surgery is used in cases where the reproductive organs are almost completely covered with growth or when there is a risk of cancer. Surgery like this requires a long recovery time, but will still leave scars. The cost of surgery is calculated individually.

Folk remedies to combat papilloma on the penis

tea tree oil to fight papilloma on the penis

If a papilloma appears on the penis, you can use the following methods:

  • the use of tea tree oil periodically until its accumulation is completely eliminated;
  • rub the formation with egg whites;
  • propolis compresses.

Compressing and rubbing should be done at least 2 times a day periodically until the problem is completely gone. In some cases, this treatment can take up to 2 months.

Traditional medicine also has a list of other recipes on how to get rid of papilloma on the penis, including rubbing vinegar, rowan juice, celandine juice into the formation.

It is necessary to use such formulations very carefully, because the delicate skin near the structure of the pathogen may suffer.

Papilloma on the penis is a disease that cannot be ignored. Complications of such structures can be bleeding, inflammation of the genital organs, and in the worst case, tissue oncotransformation. An early diagnosis will allow you to quickly resolve the problem and determine the method of how to treat papilloma on the penis. To date, many good methods have been developed to combat papilloma, but the most effective methods are selected individually. The doctor will choose the best method (medication, hardware, combination device or a combination thereof), based on the patient’s condition