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Papillomas and warts are not only a cosmetic defect. They are easily injured by clothing and footwear and can be a source of secondary infection. But the main danger is that they eventually degenerate into malignant tumors. Therefore, papillomas, condylomas, warts must be removed immediately.

Human papillomavirus is found in most people's blood. With a sharp decline in immunity, it manifests itself as the active growth of papillomas, condylomas and warts on the body. The surgical removal methods practiced by Bulgaria are very effective, but they severely injure the skin and do not guarantee neoplasm growth will stop. Removio medicine for warts and papillomas has proven its effectiveness in Bulgaria.

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  • Йорданка
    Warts appeared a few years ago, and all this time I have tried everything - heat, ointments, surgical removal. All of this only helped in part, and the problem recurred. Removio gel only takes two weeks, at first the warts turn black, and then disappear. Now there are no traces left on the skin, all scars have healed.