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  • How to get rid of papilloma on the body: effective folk remedies to get rid of the formation and characteristics of its use.
    17 January 2021
  • Methods of wart removal: laser use (procedure algorithms, indications and contraindications, consequences), cryodestruction, radio wave methods, electrocoagulation, surgical excision, chemicals.
    12 January 2021
  • Mechanisms of occurrence of papilloma and its types (common, warnorm, flat, adolescent, Lewandowski-Lutz, genital warts, plantar warts, papillomatosis).
    12 January 2021
  • What are plantar warts and what causes them. Symptoms and treatment of warts.
    12 January 2021
  • Warts (HPV): type (normal or vulgar, flat, plantar, drooping, demented, genital), causes (in adults and children), treatment (medication, non-traditional methods), prevention.
    12 January 2021
  • What is human papillomavirus? What is the type of HPV. How can you be infected with a virus, treatment methods.
    12 January 2021